STMicro touts bird flu-detecting VereFlu "lab-on-a-chip"

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STMicro touts bird flu-detecting VereFlu "lab-on-a-chip"
We've already seen a couple of devices designed to detect and prevent bird flu (among other viruses), but STMicro says it's got 'em all beat with its new VereFlu "lab-on-a-chip," which it developed in partnership with Veredus Laboratories. That system, the company says, will let you (or the appropriate flu-detecting folks) identify and differentiate human strains of Influenza A and B, including bird flu, in a single test within two hours, as opposed to other systems that can apparently only identify one strain at time and can take days or weeks to deliver a result. The device hasn't seen any service just yet, however, although STMicro says it has received some "very promising" sales orders from hospitals and other customers, adding that it also sees potential for the device to be used to screen travelers at airports and border checkpoints.

[Via PC World]
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