Guildwatch: Years between bosses

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.02.08

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Guildwatch: Years between bosses

Here at GW, we love even the small downs (heck, this week, we reported on a downing in the Stockades -- although it was by the Horde), but when other guilds are able to clear out the whole endgame in the time it takes you to go from one endgame boss to another, it's probably not the best idea to go on to the forums bragging how great your progression is.

That story and many others in this week's GW, which starts right after the break. Your tips fuel our column -- please send any and all tips about drama, downed, or recruiting guild news to Click the link below to read on.

  • Nefarion of The Venture Co. is pretty pissed -- he was fighting in an arena match with two folks from Bloodreavers when one of them glitched out of reach and refused to leave the arena. Apparently after an hour or so, a GM showed up and fixed everything, but Nefarion isn't letting good enough go -- he's going to get an apology from the Bloodreavers folks if it kills him apparently. Can't believe a tiny issue like this spawns a thread that goes back and forth for pages and pages, but hey that's what good drama is all about, right?
  • We have confirmation from Dominatio Tripudio about last week's "fulfilled my everyone one fantasy" drama. Turns out I was exactly right, and the whole thing was a hoax, done to give Endall a good sendoff, as he left the guild on good terms. Still, it was funny (and apparently drama is so crazy on Dragonblight that they call it Dramablight now), so thumbs up to them. We also hear they downed Kael the night before the patch dropped, so let's go all Ebert and Siskel (Roeper's a tool): two thumbs up for them!
  • HaxoredWatch: The GM of Sholarian Assassins on EU Nagrand has had her account hacked/keylogged, and apparently she has not been able to prove her ownership of the account, and so the guild is without a GM. The future of the guild is not decided yet. Can we make a suggestion? Have one of the officers loot everything and transfer without telling anyone. That usually works out well.
  • This is pretty good: Solamnic Knights on Kirin Tor brags -- un-ironically, as far as I can tell, though they might be trolling -- that they've made it up to Curator when "most guilds can't even kill Attumen." But the thread gets really epic on page 4, when someone in of the Vengeful Campaign takes it upon themselves to make a list, Duke Nukem style, of all the things that have happened in WoW between SK's Attumen and Moroes kills. Don't get us wrong -- here at GW, we love all downs, big or small, but if it takes you two Harry Potter movies to go from Attumen to Moroes, don't be bragging about your progression. That's funny.
  • Hraesvelg (gezundheit) is the guild leader of Breenende Seelen on Blackwater Raiders who recently held a guild meeting on patch day, to tell his members he is disbanding the guild. He said, "Good luck reforming, but you can't raid under this name anymore." The problem with that? As our tipster tell us, it's goodbye to the guild vault tabs. So much for all that cash.
  • There are a ton of threads over on Sentinels about all the chaos around the Risen breakup. It's insane over there, and frankly, I just can't tell what's going on (besides, you know, that the guild is disintegrating). But we did get this gem out of the whole thing: Larethorn Learns You How to Epic /GQuit.
  • Also on Sentinels (what's in the water over there?), a little in-faction kill greifing -- apparently Malefic threw themselves into a Lord Kazzak fight that Phules Company was working on, thus healing the boss and griefing their fellow Horde guild. Not sure why they're fighting -- trust me, guys, we have enough hatred for the Alliance without hating on each other.
  • Whatever happened to Styx? The guild, that is, not the band.
  • Vestige of Barthilas-A has been rollin' on progression lately -- they're up to Archimonde and the Illidan Council, which just leaves the big bad left, I believe. They're also recruiting, too -- well-geared shammies, 'locks and resto druids and shadow priests.
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels says they've taken "two more steps towards Illidan by learning to avoid lolcanoes and DPS ASAP kk?" Yeah, we have no idea what that means either. They also topped Kaz'rogal and Azgalor. Grats!
  • Rolling With My Gnomies on Suramar-A has downed Hydross the Unstable after their first kill of Lurker. Mag got dropped as well, so Solarian is next on the notice list.
  • Makai Senshi (EU Turalyon) have now downed Zul'Jin. Haven't gotten the Bear Mount yet, though. They're also looking for some TK and SSC recruits, too, so look them up if you want in.
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A has dropped Zul'jin and Rage Winterchill for Alliance side firsts on TB. they note that yes, they skipped Kael, but don't worry guys -- I hear you can down him with just five people now. Later in the week, they also dropped Anetheron for an Alliance first as well.
  • Panda Attack over on Dark Iron (the official guild of Scott Kurtz' great and getting-even-better-lately PvP comic) hasn't been slacking in the raid department, downing Vashj, Kael, Winterchill and Anetheron in rapid succession before their "hardcore raiding" sister guild, Djork, killed them. Nice job -- always tough to get an outside community guild running in raids, but they're doing even better than their raiding splinter, apparently.
  • V A N Q U I S H on Cho'gall was, as you may have heard, the world first guild to beat Kalecgos. Grats!
  • Athanatoi of EU Sha'tar downed The Loot Below on their very first time in SSC. Very nice!
  • Ulterior Motive from Cho'gall downed Rage Winterchill after three attempts. Which means they are 3/4 6/6 and 1/5. Grats, and if you know what that means right away, maybe it's time to take an evening off from raiding once in a while, OK?
  • Warcraft Commanders (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award-- sometimes we just like them simple, y'know?) on Shadowmoon is continuing their quest to complete Kara on a single run -- they've dropped every boss up to Illhoof, so he's on notice. Good luck!
  • Flat Earth Society on Spinebreaker-H have downed... Bazil Thredd. You laugh, but we hear they picked up some sweet wool cloth drops from him. Not to mention that they're Horde, so think about that once more.
  • The Awakening of Hellscream (of which WoW Insider's own Hong Tan is a member) has killed Kalecgos for a server first. And Hong, if you're reading this, yes please do write up a guide for us!
  • Silent Redemption on Feathermoon-A dropped Magtheridon on their second try. Grats!
  • Shadowfell of Kilrogg-H recently cleared Karazhan after only two weeks of attempts, and are now recruiting all classes (esp. healers and a second MT) for a second group and on to Gruul's.
  • Keine Neuen of Mal'Ganis-H downed Archimonde to much rejoicing and crazy DKP spending from the MT. Huzzah! But what did he spend it on?
  • Solaris (server?) wants to brag that they recently downed three bosses in five days: Lurker, Doom Lord Kazzak and now Magtherion have all bit the dust. Grats to them (and their GL, who we hear has been working hard).
  • Order of Light on Duskwood has dropped Gruul. And boy are their arms tired!
  • Southern Wardens of Proudmoore downed Jan'Alai in Zul'Aman and Fathom-Lord Karathress in SSC (on their third attempt) this week. Nice job. We hear they also finished off Winterchill on their first trip into Hyjal.
  • Society of Dungeoneers on EU Moonglade-A headed into Gruul's for the first time this week, and when the dust settled, HKM had eaten it (/cheer for mixing metaphors). Gruul didn't quite drop, but it's OK -- he's on notice for next time.
  • No eXcuses on Mannoroth has had a huge culmination of events as they dropped Hex Lord Malacross and Zul'jin in ZA as well as Hydross and Lurker in SSC (screenshot above). They've learned to work hard and together, we hear, to get things done. Keep rolling on that, folks -- it's Vashj or bust in SSC!
  • Killswitch Enrage on Maelstorm has been putting the screws to Gruul for some time now with the most excellent help of Plan A, and has now finally cleared out Kara with a Karathon. Mags is not only on notice -- they've already filed his death certificate with the state, and now just need his signature (you'll have to beat it out of him, guys).
  • Too Olde on Blade's Edge-A downed Gruul for the first time recently. On to Loot Reaver and SSC!
  • Fury Unbridled on Thorium Brotherhood-H and is almost there with Zul'jin in ZA. They're also heavily recruiting most classes at this time to further 25man progress. I just realized that you don't need someone's signature for their death certificate -- that would be a little silly. Ignore the last little metaphor I made -- I've been writing Hello Kitty Online news since early this morning.
  • This tip read like an old telegram, with the "STOPs" added by me: "Redeemed of Burning Blade killed Teron Gorefiend --STOP-- and literally one shot Azgalor --STOP-- Also, Archimonde to 37% first pull, expect corpse soon -- STOP--" They're also recruiting protection pallies.
  • Dark Legend on Baelgun has got Karazhan cleared and HKM down, with Gruul on notice. They're looking for mature, dedicated individuals with 70s (healers and tanks preferred) ready to raid.
  • Unforgettable on Magtheridon-H is up to 5/9 in BT and wants to pick up some rogues, mages, shadow priests, resto shammies and holy pallys to continue the dance in BT and move on to Sunwell eventually.
  • Mutiny of EU Khadgar-A, a recently split raiding arm of Immortal Dawn, downed Grull, HKM, Void Reaver and cleared Kharazan in the first week of raiding! They're currently looking for resto droods and shammies -- hit up their website to apply.
  • Incident Response Team is on Tichondrius-A and recruiting non-paladin healers (and maybe a shadow priest) to help kill Reliquary of Souls and push to clear Black Temple. Join up to kill Illidan with just two raid days a week!
  • Sol Polaris on Silvermoon-A is a two year old guild that is close knit and truly has a family atmosphere and appeal. They've got Kara on farm and have defeated Gruul on various occasions, Mag is up next, and they're looking for help -- people that are mature, responsible, and knowledgeable about their class. They raid Thurs, Fri, and Sunday, and usually have a few hardcore PvP teams going as well.
  • Diurne of Ravenholdt-H is a casual guild of competent PvE/PvP players now recruiting to fill out their 25 man roster for Magtheridon and beyond. They run two full-clear Karazhan groups every week, consistently clean out Gruul's lair, and have mastered the first three aspects of Zul'Aman as well.
  • Dark Epic Spartans on Tanaris-A are looking for priests (or any other healers, although they'll accept apps from all classes but hunters) to start casually raiding into Karazhan. They're a fun and friendly guild with players on both the casual and hardcore spectrums, so bring the playstyle you want and expect to have fun.
That's it for this week's GW (and aren't you glad we didn't post it during HKO Insider? I am -- while I'm sure HKO drama is harsh, I like WoW drama much, much better). Don't forget to send those tips to, and until next week, as always, happy raiding!
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