Blue Wave 3 firmware update for Samsung P2 heads out of beta

It's already hit Korea, but it looks like those of us that don't live in the land of Samsung can now finally get our hands on the official, non beta Blue Wave 3 firmware update for the company's fan-favorite YP-P2 PMP as well. Otherwise known as version 4.13, the update brings a whole host of improvements, including a decent batch of new GUI themes, a new fullscreen playback mode, a calculator, and some additional brightness and speed controls for video playback, among other things. Of course, as Samsung is wont to do, it's already teasing us with its Blue Wave 4 update, which promises to take the player to even greater heights with customizable skins, Bluetooth-based games, subway maps, and voice recording, to name just a few improvements. No word on a release for that just yet, however, so in the meantime you'll have to make do with the next best thing available at the link below.

[Thanks, Xepol]