EVE's Mercenary Coalition has been disbanded

Andrew Russo
A. Russo|05.08.08

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EVE's Mercenary Coalition has been disbanded
A pilot deep within the lawless lands of EVE Online's 0.0 space is never truly alone. In EVE, there is always some alliance, some corporation, or some like-minded capsuleer watching and waiting to strike. Within this realm flew an alliance that was a powerful force for nearly four years. Their trademark ace of skulls, four of which represent the leading corporations of the alliance, struck fear into the hearts of anyone on the wrong end of their blasters. They were hired guns, killers, and they were good at it. They were the Mercenary Coalition. For them, the war is now over, the contract killing has ended, and the alliance is no more.

That's right, the alliance has unloaded their ammunition, shut down their offices, and is calling it quits. From a press release on the EVE forums, Seleene, alliance leader of Mercenary Coalition, made the grim announcement and thanked members for their service. She said, "Everyone who has ever worn the MC tag participated in something truly unique. I can do nothing but salute you and give my heartfelt thanks." The reasons for disbanding are numerous, but a particular focus is placed on their betrayal of Band of Brothers. For some of us, one less mercenary alliance is a great thing. For others, this is sad day for the history books to record. The alliance, which has seen the better part of three years as a force within EVE, has docked for the final time.

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