New Nvidia beta drivers, and a fix for WoW in SLI mode

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|05.08.08

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New Nvidia beta drivers, and a fix for WoW in SLI mode
I have to admit, sometimes I dread it when new video card drivers come out. It always seems like something about them goes wrong, and one of my favorite games refuses to work well with them, and I end up having to roll back to some old drivers just to play what I want to play again. That said, sometimes they also work well, and your graphics run smoother, and life is good. As Alex said to me earlier, Azeroth is a whole lot prettier when it's at 90 fps instead of 10 fps.

But seriously, to the point. Here's a heads up to all our Nvidia card users who like living on the edge as far as upgrading goes. Nvidia has just released new beta drivers for their graphics cards. We repeat: these are beta drivers, so only install if you know what you're doing.

Here's the links:

WoW gets a mention in the release notes as well. If you've been having performance problems in WoW lately and you have a Geforce 6800/6600 GT, it looks like there might be a fix for you.


From Nvidia themselves:

GeForce 6800/6600 GT: Slow performance with World of Warcraft in SLI mode. This is not an NVIDIA bug, but instead the result of a recent patch for World of Warcraft to reduce mouse lag on slower computers by synchronizing the GPU(s). This change is unnecessary for NVIDIA users, and particularly for users with SLI configurations.

For optimal performance when playing World of Warcraft in SLI mode:

  • Disable vertical sync within the World of Warcraft in-game video options.
  • Enable hardware mouse acceleration and disable smooth mouse within the World of Warcraft in-game video options.
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