Run your own convenience store thanks to Nippon Ichi

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|05.12.08

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Run your own convenience store thanks to Nippon Ichi
Nippon Ichi announced that it had five DS games in the pipeline back in February, at least three of which have been revealed since.

Amongst those five was an unnamed "management sim," and NIS has now revealed The Combini DS: Otona no Keiei Ryoku Training (The Combini DS: Adult's Management Power Training), a game that focuses on the smooth running of a convenience store.

Although the game's title hints at a piece of training software for store management wannabes, there are also town-building elements present here, with the success of your store influencing the growth and wellbeing of your town. You'll also have to deal with rival stores competing for your business, and maybe get a chance to bully your minimum wage employees about. There'll be no paid overtime or crafty cigarette breaks in the stockroom in our virtual store!

Head to the checkout past the post break for more screens.

[Via Siliconera]
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