Nintendo re-launching Metallic Rose DS Lite as standalone system

Updated ·1 min read

Just in case the Big N hadn't doled out enough variations of pinkish DS Lites, along comes yet another one to spend your discretionary income on. Later this month, a standalone Metallic Rose version of the handheld will be widely available in the US, but folks who managed to snag this very device in that Nintendogs bundle last year can pass right on by. Additionally, Nintendo is once again looking to the celebrities to push its wares, with America Ferrera and Carrie Underwood starring in spots with the aforesaid Rose DS and Liv Tyler showing up with the two-toned Crimson / Black edition. We're expecting the not-entirely-new hue to run the same price as all of the others, but we'd still recommend grabbing one quick if you're interested. One more look after the break.