Digital Stream DTX9950 converter box touts analog pass-through

Dilly-dallying around, are you? Even if you haven't taken the time to secure a digital converter box for the impending 2009 analog shutoff just yet, RadioShack has a box incoming that may tickle your fancy. The Digital Stream DTX9950 not only enables your antiquated set to receive OTA signals long after the February 17, 2009 switchover (Wilmington, North Carolina notwithstanding), but it also features an analog pass-through. According to the company, said feature will "enable consumers who watch full and low-power TV stations to do so without the need for a splitter or A/B switch to a digital-only converter box." Better still, this one is NTIA approved, meaning that your $40 government voucher can be used on the $59.99 device if it's still valid as of this week.