Sanyo's Xacti HD1010 1080i camcorder shoots 300fps slow-mo

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Sanyo's Xacti HD1010 1080i camcorder shoots 300fps slow-mo

In its battle with Sony for 1080i pistol grips, Sanyo just announced a minor, but notable update to its premium HD1000 Full HD MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 camcorder. The new HD1010 adds improved image processing and stabilization, new "face chaser" technology for stills and video, and amusing new 300fps slow-motion mode. Nothing compared to Casio's freakish EX-F1 but a nice novelty for shooting the kids' sporting adventures. Sanyo also tossed in a new 7fps continuous still shot mode which snags images at the sensor's maximum 4 megapixel resolution. A minor bump for sure but it makes for a compelling offering at the (relatively) low asking price of $800 when it hits the US in July (Japan, June 20th).

Update: Akihabara News went hands-on in the video posted after the break.

[Via Impress and Akihabara News]

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