Video: Casio EX-F1 SuperSloMo is small

Casio's EX-F1 has been out for a few days in Japan and to our delight, super happy tech site Impress had the chance to review the new ultra-quick, 6 megapixel shooter. How quick? Try 60fps burst or up to 1,200fps video. We're not going to try and make sense of all the machine translated text. Instead, we'll wait for a full-on English review to make sure we capture all the nuance. Until then, check the trio of videos they shot after the break in 300fps (512 x 384), 600fps (432 x 192), and 1,200fps (336 x 96). Right, as the frame rate goes up (and playback slows down) you're left with some teeny weeny video. Still, the effect is amazing. $1,000-MSRP amazing is the question we're still asking ourselves. Hit up that read link if you want to read Impress' full review.