Take-Two: 'Portfolio balancing' drove GTA IV DLC delay, partnerships possible

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|06.05.08

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Take-Two: 'Portfolio balancing' drove GTA IV DLC delay, partnerships possible

In the same conference call that gave us this head scratcher, Take-Two reps tap danced over a number of other issues, including their official reason for delaying GTA IV's hotly anticipated DLC, as well as any potential partnerships that may be lurking on the horizon.

Regarding the company's resolution to keep the GTA IV downloadable content out of players' hands until sometime between November 1 of this year and January 31, 2009, Take-Two's Strauss Zelnick calmly stated that the decision was based on "portfolio balancing," and that the delay was "not based on development issues." Even as our hearts ached for additional Liberty City shenanigans, Take-Two reps on the call remained enthusiastic, and for good reason, given that during the last quarter the GTA brand made up an impressive 78% of the firm's total publishing revenue.

Switching grears, and looking to the ongoing drama between Take-Two and EA, Zelnick expressed pride in his company, stating that "despite distractions, everyone had their heads down and a smile on their faces and were getting the job done." The exec added, however, that Take-Two is on the lookout for any potential fits for the company in terms of partnerships, adding that "we have our eyes open to anything to maximize stockholder value, including remaining independent."
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