Barrens Chat: Beggers can't be choosers

Megan Harris
M. Harris|06.19.08

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Barrens Chat: Beggers can't be choosers

First of all, a huge thank you to Mike Schramm last week for covering my rear with his hunter comic. And it wasn't so much "kindly accepted" as it was "oh thank goodness, I'm saved" for the record, Mike. Thank you Turpster, also!

Now, back to business (or tomfoolery, I haven't decided which it actually is yet). This week brings us a comic that actually took place in the Barrens. Crossroads to be specific. So once again for those of you who complained commented that the comics should take place in the barrens, your wish has been granted.


Credit for this comic actually gets split two ways. One part going to Dubothe (again) for coming up with the witty response to the lad, and part to the nuisance himself. The problem is, I don't recall the name of the panhandler responsible for spamming the Crossroads with his incessant requests for gold.

Since I couldn't remember who they were, I took artistic liberties and made him a Forsaken, though I'm fairly sure he was a Tauren. Sadly, after the comment made by Dubothe that you'll see in the comic, the poor chap was hounded by taunts of /moo from almost everyone who heard it, and had to logout to escape the herd. Although being spammed by over 20 people simultaneously /moo'ing at someone was so worth it.

See you next week!
Barrens Chat is a weekly comic strip, exposing the world to random insanity one poor soul at a time. If you'd like some food for thought, or are more interested in a surprise guest comic strip this is the place to look. Check back every Thursday for the latest comic! (I promise exploding computers aren't contageous.) This message has been brought to you by, Death Knights: you know you want to be this awesome.
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