Blood Bowl trailer channels Madden + Warcraft

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|06.26.08

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Blood Bowl trailer channels Madden + Warcraft

Tabletop gamers are no strangers to the game Blood Bowl, which we mentioned back in November. The game has spanned 22 years, multiple editions and several expansion sets. The basic concept is "fantasy" football, literally. As in orcs, trolls, elves and the like playing an organized team sport where they try to tear their opponents' heads off. Check out the newly released, Warcraft-tastic trailer after the break.

While it might not be as fun as having a dining table crammed full of tiny plastic fantasy-based footballers, including cheerleaders, the whole stomping on an elf's back after a spectacular tackle sure looks good. This will give you a chance to work out those frustrations from failed raids and PvP campers, and you can actually tell your friends you're playing football and not hunting for a mystical suit of armor. Maybe this is what Madden has been missing all these years.

You can find out all about the Blood Bowl series at BoardGameGeek, which offers dozens of photos of the plastic models.
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