Netflix reverses decision, Profiles here to stay

Steven Kim
S. Kim|07.01.08

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Netflix reverses decision, Profiles here to stay
Netflix keeps Profiles
The small but very vocal minority of Netflix customers who made use of the Profiles feature have won a battle war, and the feature will not be going away after all. In the company's blog, the red-envelope overlords explain that the plan to kill off Profiles was intended to streamline the Netflix website by removing a feature used "by a very small minority." But the resulting hew and cry was heard loud and clear, and there are no plans to discontinue Profiles. Better yet, Netflix is now taking suggestions on how to make Profiles even better. So, put away your Cafepress "I want my profiles" shirt, wrest your incendiary cancellation letter from the postal worker and get constructive. If you've already cancelled your Netflix subscription, might we suggest a polite letter explaining how it was all a terrible misunderstanding and you now want to be reinstated at your previous rate?

[Via Slashdot]
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