First Look: EccoNote

Giles Turnbull
G. Turnbull|08.06.08

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First Look: EccoNote
EccoNote app for iPhoneEccoNote is a nice little free audio recording app - one of many similar recorders available in the App Store.

I use the word "little" deliberately, because EccoNote is very simple. In a good way. You can record your audio notes, you can play them back, and that's about it. There are no settings to mess with. The audio quality is very good and the controls nice and obvious.

The only odd thing is that the developer's web site, as listed on the App Store, does not appear to exist (at least not as I'm writing this). Their notes in the App Store description field say that they plan to add an email-to-contacts feature within the next month, something I hope they succeed with because that would be very useful.

As I said at the top, there are many other voice recorder apps available. Some for free, some for a little money. I've tried a few (not all) and this is one I like best so far. Your opinions of Ecco and its rivals would be welcomed in the comments.
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