diNovo Edge Mac vs. PC

Ryan Block
R. Block|08.08.08

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Ryan Block
August 8th, 2008
diNovo Edge Mac vs. PC

Unless you've got a couple thou to shell out for an Optimus Maximus, Logitech's diNovo Edge is about as slick a keyboard as anyone makes right now. We just cracked open the forthcoming diNovo Edge for Mac -- comparison shots are below, but the differences aren't too stunning.
  • Mac keys, and lots of 'em. Not just command, option/alt, etc., they've got the full complement, including Dashboard, Spaces, Quick Look, Front Row, iTunes (plus media controls), brightness up/down, and so on.
  • Unfortunately, unlike its PC counterpart, those media and shortcut buttons are not hidden behind the black mirror finish until lit up.
  • The keyboard font's changed to something a little thinner and larger. Definitely easier to see, but we'd still like a backlight.
  • There's no Bluetooth connect button anymore -- it's smart enough to automatically go into discoverable mode if it's not paired.
  • The Mac keyboard stack makes all those shortcuts configurable if you're using the function keys as, well, function keys.
Is it worth $159? We definitely like the way the keys feel (both in shape and in resistance / tactility) much more than Apple's latest boards. No qualms here if you're looking for a recommendation -- whether you've got a PC or a Mac, the Edge is a damn fine piece of kit for getting your type on.

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