SE2 Labs ITC One, now with remote diagnostics

We've spent a little hands-on time with the ITC One uber-franken-HTIB, but Electronic House got some serious quality time with the unit during SE2 Labs' roadshow this past week. So if you've got $25,000 burning a hole in your pocket, but need just a little more detail on how the unit actually works, hit that read link. Still a little uneasy about pulling the trigger? Maybe knowing that SE2 Labs is adding remote diagnostics will ease your mind. For either standard maintenance (firmware updates, etc.) or unexpected problems, a technician can troubleshoot (and hopefully solve) the problem by using the RS-232 and IP connectivity in the ITC One. As SE2 Labs describes it, "'s like having on-demand access to an A/V professional." Hmmm -- maybe if our friends got these, it would cut down the service calls we field!

[Thanks, Chuck]

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