SE2 Labs looking to expand its dealer network

If you've been intrigued by SE2 Labs' ITC One high-end combo boxes, but can't find a dealer in your area, help may be on the way. The company is going on tour this summer to demo the ITC One to potential dealers around the country. Phoenix and L.A. have already been hit, and Seattle, Atlanta, New York and San Francisco remain on the tour schedule. Naturally, custom installers will be the focus here -- if you're considering one of these units that represent the densest form of HD goodness known, ping your installer. They'll be happy with the $25,000 MSRP (depending on configuration), modular construction, integration and upgradability. You'll probably be less happy with the price, but peeking at the cabinet chock-full of premium components (and the end results onscreen) will ease the pain.