Acer Aspire One not immune to tnkgrl's modding ways, stuffed with Bluetooth and extra RAM

Netbooks have come a long way since the Eee PC 701 hit the scene. Gone are the square miles of emptiness surrounding the screens and keyboards as manufacturers start to put every inch to good use, but that seems to have little impact on folks bent on hacking these mini laptops to pieces -- with the Acer Aspire One the latest subject of such work. Tnkgrl has stuffed a miniscule USB Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR adapter under the palm rest and upgraded the RAM while she was in there. Next up is a hard drive upgrade and then the all-important "how to put the computer back together again." No real show stoppers, but if you've been waiting for reports from the other side before you put your own Aspire One under knife, here they are.