Sony churns out external VRD-MC10 handycam-to-DVD burner

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.22.08

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Sony churns out external VRD-MC10 handycam-to-DVD burner

It may be gettin' better, but it ain't getting any prettier. As the proper successor to Sony's DVDirect VRD-MC5, the all-black VRD-MC10 only looks marginally better than the original, but still has way too much 80s flair for our tastes. Sporting a 2.7-inch LCD, HDMI / component / composite outputs, a multicard reader, audio / video inputs, USB connectivity and support for just about every writable DVD still on the market, this unit was designed to burn your precious Handycam footage straight to DVD without any fuss (or formal editing procedures). Additionally, it could serve as your primary DVD player in a pinch, though the lack of BD functionality makes this a lot less attractive overall. We'll see if Sony keeps its "coming soon" promise; it's listed at a shockingly high ¥44,800 ($410).

[Via SonyInsider]

Update: Sony pinged us to say that this model will not be replacing the MC5, and it will only play back DVDs that it creates.
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