Samsung courts SanDisk, promises mercy

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Thomas Ricker
September 5th, 2008
Samsung courts SanDisk, promises mercy

Samsung is reportedly looking into the acquisition of SanDisk Corp. A union of two Flash memory giants sure to get the attention Toshiba (SanDisk's partner-in-NAND) and that of anti-trusters from Korea to Intel. To makes matters even more interesting, Seagate was also courting SanDisk whose stock price has plummeted from $56 to just over $13 per share since this time last year. Hey investors, sounds like an ideal premise for a bidding war to us. Then again, we only took Econ101 to sit in a room with real live girls.

In a comment on this market rumor and speculation, SanDisk just issued the following statement:
"SanDisk periodically has conversations with multiple parties, including Samsung, regarding a variety of potential business opportunities. We evaluate all of these opportunities, but maintain a policy of not commenting on market rumors or speculation."
[Thanks, Genesis]

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