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Sony Ericsson following Nokia down the unlimited music rabbit hole?

Why the long face, Sony Ericsson? Is it the fact that your revenue and market share are in the crapper? Do Sir Howie's words have you a bit on edge? Oh, wait, wait, don't tell us -- we know what it is! You just spent all this time, money, and elbow grease prepping your PlayNow Arena music purchase service for launch, and you're just a little worried that Nokia might upstage you with its fancy (though questionably-profitable) Comes With Music initiative. It looks like you might already be looking into patching that up, though, if a Financial Times report is spot-on that has you announcing your own unlimited download service later this month. Word on the street is that you already have deals locked up with EMI, Sony BMG (no shocker there), Warner, and a handful of indies, but Universal's holding out on you. Nokia was able to get Universal on board, so odds are you'll be able to, too -- or at least you better be able to if you want to make a serious play at the big boys.

[Via mocoNews]