Sky+HD bringing limited edition designer STBs this Christmas

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.10.08

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We're beginning to think this is some sort of odd annual tradition, but just as it did last year, Sky+HD is launching a small collection of limited edition designer set-top-boxes for the artsy type. Designed by four of the UK's "most visionary designers and image makers," the units will go on sale in mid-October and range in price from £75 to £150 when taken with a Sky TV and HD Mix subscription from £27 / month (hey, that's news to us!). Best of all, we're also told that the service will be delivering 30 dedicated high-def channels by the end of 2008, so we suppose a boisterous "huzzah!" is in order here. Full release copied after the break.

Sky today unveiled a new collection of Sky+HD Designer Boxes, featuring exclusive and distinctive prints from four of the UK's most visionary designers and image makers. The new collection combines the creative talents of successful emerging designer Henry Holland of House of Holland; cutting edge duo PPQ; exquisite and luxury designer Erdem and avant-garde fashion illustrator Julie Verhoeven.

The limited edition Sky+HD Designer Boxes will go on sale from 15 October 2008 and will be available exclusively online to UK customers at and 08442 410541 , priced from £75 - £150 when taken with a Sky TV and HD Mix subscription from £27 a month.

Oozing with style, combining fashion with function, the Sky+HD Designer Boxes are the perfect choice this Christmas for people upgrading to high definition, who want a designer twist for their home entertainment gadgets.

It's a big year for Sky+HD – with new pricing for the Sky+HD box and the launch of a host of new channels – it's a great time to join the High Definition age. Sky+HD already offers 19 channels covering sports, movies, entertainment, arts and documentaries. By the end of 2008 there will be 30 dedicated HD channels.

Hilary Perchard, Head of Advanced TV Products for Sky comments; "In addition to the launch of lots more channels on Sky+HD later this year, these unique designs are the perfect excuse to join the HD revolution this Christmas."

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone and the holidays can often get in the way of TV viewing. Sky+HD can solve all that by enabling people to watch what they want, when they want, as all Sky+HD boxes have the same easy to use features of Sky+. Viewers can pause and rewind live TV, record an entire series, record two different channels at the same time and even set their Sky+HD box to record from a mobile phone or PC.
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