Medis 24-7 Power Pack fuel cell tested and reviewed: not too shabby

We know what you're thinking: "I'm totally not going to buy this." After all, who really wants a kludgy recharger that isn't reusable without buying an extra fill pack? For those still willing to give this idea a chance, you may want to point your attention to smartplanet's review of the Medis 24-7 Power Pack, which utilizes liquid fuel cell technology to output one-watt for charging small handheld devices. In testing, it took around an hour to bring a halfway charged iPod touch to full capacity, which is pretty much right in line with estimates. Unfortunately, we're still not digging the "recycle or refill" approach, though we are appreciative that Medis is pushing the former. Give the linked writeup a look -- maybe you'll fall strangely in love, after all.