Post-NCsoft Rockjaw speaks out

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|09.22.08

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No, of course he didn't drag his former employer through the muck or curse their good name. Stephen "Rockjaw" Reid is better than that. But the former Creative Concepts Manager for NCsoft Europe does talk a good bit with John and Matt (former hosts of Tabula Rasa's TabulaCast) on the Limited Edition Podcast about all things comic-related. Despite the bad news of his recent departure from NCsoft, Reid has just announced a new gig as Expo Community and Gaming Manager for the Eurogamer Expo. This is certainly good news, as Reid has always been loved by the gaming community.

Reid's only comments on the podcast regarding his departure from NCsoft were, "It ultimately comes down to business, nothing more." He also discusses the reaction of his City of Heroes colleagues to the DC Universe Online development, and chats a good bit about his views of Champions Online. If you're into comic books and the popularity that comic books are gaining in the MMO space, this podcast may interest you.
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