Amoeba Music in Guitar Hero: World Tour and vice versa

Activision has made a deal with Amoeba Music, an independent California music store chain, that instantly imbues Guitar Hero: World Tour with indie cred that would otherwise be hard for a massively marketed corporate product to come by. Of course, this is part of that massive marketing effort, so maybe it could be seen more as Amoeba selling out than Guitar Hero gaining indie cred. In either case, it seems pretty cool to us: an Amoeba location will serve as an in-game venue, allowing players to pretend they're rocking out in a record store.

The promotion extends into the real world as well: if you preorder the game from one of the real Amoeba Music stores, you will receive a free t-shirt when you go in. It's not a free guitar, but it's also not nothing.

[Via GoNintendo]