de Blob comes with de Freebies [Update 1]

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|09.23.08

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de Blob comes with de Freebies [Update 1]
The first reviews are appearing for de Blob, and they're really good. We should all buy it, in other words, but it's worth mentioning that a couple of retailers are willing to bribe you to purchase your copy from them. Best Buy, for example, is offering customers a free and also very yellow de Blob T-shirt (pictured here). It's rather nice, in our opinion. We'd definitely wear it in public, and we're extraordinarily fashionable people. Meanwhile, Circuit City is giving away copies of the de Blob soundtrack, which is happy and catchy and jazzy.

Wherever you purchase it from, we just hope de Blob sells some copies. We're tired of the myth that the Wii lacks quality third-party releases, but also tired of people not buying said games.

[Update: Brits take note: de Blob is a measly £18 at Play -- thanks, Nigeria!]

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