Verizon FiOS adds TBS HD in time for the MLB playoffs

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|09.23.08

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Verizon FiOS adds TBS HD in time for the MLB playoffs
Although just about every FiOS TV market was about to add TBS HD within the next month, if you're a baseball fan it's likely it was scheduled to be added a little too late. Every self respecting MLB fan knows that the playoffs start next week, and with 20 out of the first 20 games in HD on TBS HD, it is a must have for baseball fans. We have to say that when it comes to sports Verizon always seems to find a way to deliver the HD in time. First it was CNBC HD and USA HD in time for the Olympics, and then it was ESPNU HD in time for the kick off of the College Football season -- one of the only providers to add it on launch day too -- and now this. So if you're in one of those FiOS TV markets that's still waiting on the HD expansion to come your way, go check out channel 849 to make sure you're ready to follow the playoffs in HD -- or maybe you just want to watch Seinfeld reruns in HD.
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