Boston Acoustics renames Vista speakers "VS" to avoid confusion

Steven Kim
S. Kim|10.02.08

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Boston Acoustics renames Vista speakers "VS" to avoid confusion
Boston Acoustics VS speakers
Engadget HD public service announcement -- the Boston Acoustics Vista speakers have nothing to do with any other products (HT-related or not) in the marketplace using the name Vista. For both of the people out there who may have been confused on that point, Boston Acoustics is renaming the entire model line "VS," to signify the speakers as "a new Vision in great Sound." The company is not making even a suggestion that Microsoft applied any pressure, which makes us even more disappointed in the new name -- the "Vista" moniker was a lot easier to remember. We hope another PSA clarifying that these speakers can do more than play a certain Pearl Jam album is not called for.
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