Rumor: Nvidia-powered MacBooks on October 14th

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|10.04.08

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Rumor: Nvidia-powered MacBooks on October 14th

TUAW is hearing from various sources that new MacBooks are right around the corner, and that they might even have some extra Nvidia power in them. A source tells us that Nvidia is showing off new MacBooks to their employees, and word is going around that the new versions will be released as soon as October 14th.

Of course these are all rumors, so don't be surprised if 10/14 comes around and there are no changes in Apple's lineup. But the rumors have been adding up -- we've heard for a while that MacBooks were due for a refresh, and we're not the only ones hearing about Nvidia units being included as well. Not to mention that Apple has apparently finally realized that gaming is worth embracing, and the next logical step for a gaming upgrade would be the MBP line.

Don't put money on it, but if you're planning to buy a MacBook and can wait another few weeks, you might want to wait and see. I'm getting close to being in the market for a new laptop, and as a gamer, I'd love to see a MacBook with a little more graphical oomph to it.
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