Windows Mobile ported to iPhone, we think

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|10.13.08

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Windows Mobile ported to iPhone, we think

Most of the Windows Mobile / iPhone cross-breeding we've seen has either involved elaborate WinMo skinning or terrible iPhone KIRFs, but we suppose it was just a matter of time before Microsoft's mobile OS was made to run on Apple's hardware -- or at least that's what it looks like here. Pretty much everything about this video is suspect, from the shadiness of the MyPhone2008 conference it was shot at to the interviewer's ridiculously inane questions ("You don't have girlfriends in Norway?"), but damn if that isn't WinMo happily booting on what appears to be an iPhone 3G -- we can't tell, but it's a good bet it's jailbroken. The developer, Erik Kristiansen, says that mod is in beta right now but that he's looking at a January release -- we'll see what more we can dig up before then. Video after the break.

As several commenters have pointed out, this has the trappings of a bad viral for the crappy SonicEmotion app also on that page -- all of the other videos are suspiciously fake / ridiculous, and the phone responds oddly to several touches. So much for that, we suppose.

[Via; thanks Daniel]

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