Activision trademarks 'Guitar Hero Modern Hits'

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Activision trademarks 'Guitar Hero Modern Hits'

The US Patent Office, ever the treasure-trove of game publishers' worst-kept secrets, has today offered up -- for our speculation pleasure -- Guitar Hero Modern Hits. The trademark was filed by Activision on Oct. 3 and, unsurprisingly, covers everything from "downloadable computer game software" to "interactive video game comprised of a cartridge or DVD sold as a unit with a video game controller." Nothing about handhelds in there, though.

It's not surprising that yet another game in the franchise is on the cooker. Activision has already said it wants to pump up the volume of Guitar Hero games in the next two years, with plans to deliver at least four distinct titles in calendar 2009. Along with the also so-not-secret Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero Modern Hits would make two out of four. We're not exactly sure what constitutes a "modern hit" in this case, though -- aren't there plenty of those included with Guitar Hero World Tour (not to mention its DLC)?

As for those other two super-secret Guitar Hero titles for '09: Our Tyco Talking Magic 8-ball advises that Guitar Hero World Tour 2 is "most definitely" going to happen and ... oh, "not a chance" of Guitar Hero Bluegrass Hits. Go ahead, you pick the fourth and we'll give it another shake.

[Via GameSpot]
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