Mediacom next in line to hike cable rates

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.24.08

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Mediacom next in line to hike cable rates
Earlier this month, Comcast announced that it would be boosting cable rates by around 4.6%. Now, Mediacom is joining the fun by pumping up the prices in various locales around the country. We're seeing a number of local news outlets putting out information that the carrier will be raising rates in their neck of the woods, with Cedar Rapids, Iowa expecting a 7.2% increase on its mainstay Family Cable package next month. Additionally, the greater Quad Cities area will see a similar change beginning in mid-November, and everyone in Princeton / Caldwell County, Kentucky will be paying more in a few weeks as well. We guess someone has to pay for all those huge HD expansions, right? At least we're only half kidding there.

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