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Cowon hacks prices on practically every PMP it makes

Cowon hacks prices on practically every PMP it makes
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|November 5, 2008 8:28 AM

Cowon already lowered the primary barrier to entry on its PMP line once this year, but evidently that wasn't enough. In order to entice prospective buyers to go ahead and snag that Cowon-branded player they've been on the fence about, the outfit has taken a sling blade to the stickers of the F2, D2, I7, Q5W, A3 and U5, leaving just the O2 as-is. The cuts aren't exactly small beans either, with discounts ranging from $10 to $70 off of MSRP. For the full list of new and old prices, hop on past the break.

Model Item title Model# NEW MSRP OLD MSRP
F2 iAUDIO F2 4GB Black F2-4096BL $79.99 $109.99
D2 COWON D2 4GB Black D2-4096BL $139.99 $159.99
COWON D2 4GB White D2-4096WH $139.99 $159.99
COWON D2 4GB Red D2-4096RD $139.99 $159.99
COWON D2 8GB Black D2-08BL $159.99 $189.99
COWON D2 8GB White D2-08WH $159.99 $189.99
COWON D2 16GB Black D2-16BL $199.99 $229.99
I7 iAUDIO 7 4GB Silver I7-04SL $99.99 $119.99
iAUDIO 7 8GB Red I7-08RD $119.99 $149.99
iAUDIO 7 16GB Red I7-16RD $159.99 $189.99
Q5W COWON Q5 40GB Dark Navy Q5W-40DN $439.99 $489.99
COWON Q5 60GB Dark Navy Q5W-60DN $469.99 $529.99
COWON Q5W 60GB Dark Navy with GPS Cradle Q5W-60DN-CR $589.99 $659.99
COWON Q5W 80GB Dark Navy Q5W-80DN $499.99 $569.99
COWON GPS cradle for Q5 AQ5CR $159.99 $169.99
A3 COWON A3 30GB Silver A3-30SL $299.99 $329.99
COWON A3 60GB Silver A3-60SL $319.99 $369.99
COWON A3 80GB Silver A3-80SL $349.99 $409.99
U5 COWON U5 8GB Black and Silver U5-08BS $109.99 $129.99
O2 COWON O2 8GB White O2-08WH $219.99 N/A
COWON O2 16GB Black O2-16BL $249.99 N/A
COWON O2 32GB White O2-32WH $299.99 N/A