Apple's 10K filing shows $3.34 billion in 2008 iTunes sales

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Apple's 10K filing shows $3.34 billion in 2008 iTunes sales

Apple's annual SEC 10K filing showed that music-related sales increased by US$844 million (or 34%) to $3.34 billion in fiscal 2008, up from US$2.5 billion in 2007. Apple cited "heightened consumer interest in downloading third-party digital content" as the reason for the hefty increase.

Apple noted increased net sales from the iTunes Store in each of its geographic regions. An increase in the amount and types of content available at the iTunes stores was pegged as part of this growth.

Apple is the largest U.S. music seller, having knocked Wal-mart from the #1 spot in April of 2008. The revenue figures for the music-related business do not include iPod or iPhone sales.

[via eWeek Apple Watch]
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