Ask A Beta Tester: Kalecgos, Wintergrasp, and how much is this going to cost me?

Allison Robert
A. Robert|11.10.08

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Ask A Beta Tester: Kalecgos, Wintergrasp, and how much is this going to cost me?

We're going to get right down to business this evening, folks. I was kind of heartened to see Willferal (our first questioner) ask about something that's bugged me for a while.

EDIT: several commenters have taken issue with the lack of a spoiler warning on this post when it went live at 9:00 pm EST. I genuinely apologize; it should have occurred to me to write one, and it's entirely my fault that one wasn't present. So consider this fair -- if belated -- warning that there's a significant, if general, spoiler in this AABT concerning an important quest chain in Wrath, and if you're trying to avoid spoilers completely, please do NOT read AABT. This column is nothing but a pile of spoilers compressed into a spoiled package and tied with a spoilery bow.

Willferal asks...

I know that in Wotlk, the players are fighting Malygos. But in TBC, Kalec/Tyri are blue dragons that help us, and Kalec is especially vital in his help to kill Kiljaeden. What's their role in Wrath?

I wish I knew. I never found any mention of Kalecgos while leveling, and Tyrygosa only got a brief mention at last year's BlizzCon. Tyrygosa's role in BC wasn't that extensive, but Kalecgos was all that and a box of crackers in Sunwell, so this is a little...mystifying. They both seem on passable (Tyrygosa) to good (Kalecgos) relations with the mortal races, so the involvement of their entire flight in Malygos' war would -- I hope -- concern them somewhat. I really hope Blizzard goes somewhere with this, but as of now I don't think you can expect to find anything in Northrend.

Carang asks...

I love professions. Probably one of the first things I will do is buy grandmaster for all of my toons professions. Do you know how much its going to cost to train grandmaster?

Hmmm. I wish I had a more accurate figure on this, but I do vaguely remember getting to Northrend on my main and being able to train up grand master herbalism, alchemy, fishing, cooking, and first aid all within short order (from what I've seen this is true of the starter areas for both factions; you'll find trainers for just about everything you need within a stone's throw of getting off the boat/zeppelin). By the time I got through training up the next skill level plus new recipes, I think I was out somewhere in the region of 350-400 gold. Bottom line; take some spare change with you.

Myshkii writes...

Enchanting-wise, are we gonna see something like in TBC where there were items that could only be used on items with ilvls of 35+?

Yup. Most of the new enchants have level requirements with the most common one being 60.

TheChao writes...

Where the hell is that last picture from?
This is from a real beauty of a quest given at level 75 by Chromie, the representative of the Bronze Dragonflight in the Wyrmrest Temple. It's called Mystery of the Infinite and it's an effort to determine the leader of the troublesome Infinite Dragonflight (the ones you spent so much time battling in Caverns of Time). You meet your future self on this quest (as we've previously observed, your future self considers your past self a noob), and there's a follow-up quest at level 80 called Mystery of the Infinite, Redux where you travel back in time to meet your past self doing the first quest. I promise it all makes more sense when you actually do it. I never got the chance to do the second quest, but the first one was an absolute blast.

Frostymage asks...

After the wrath gate quest horde characters get to retake the undercity with all the horde leaders. My question is what do the alliance players get?

The recently-returned King Varian Wrynn decides to go road-tripping and you're invited to The Battle for the Undercity. The Alliance and the Horde are after the same goal, at least initially; they want the people/demons responsible for what happened at the Wrath gate. The Horde kills Varimathras; the Alliance kills Grand Apothecary Putress. Directly afterwards, Wrynn essentially declares war on the Horde in revenge for Bolvar Fordragon's death. Whether or not he's justified in doing so is going to be the subject of much argument.

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