Peanuts + Crimson Skies = Snoopy Flying Ace

What's this? Charlie Brown's beagle, Snoopy, in a game that actually looks like fun? Snoopy Flying Ace looks a little hardcore for the Peanuts crowd, pitting Snoopy against the Germans in World War I. You play as Snoopy, the flying ace, and it doesn't look like he's just fighting the Red Baron anymore, he's taking on all comers. While it's not clear if Charlie Brown, Linus, or any of the others will be showing up, Woodstock is definitely in there.

Smart Bomb Interactive is developing this title, and it's doing it a bit backwards: without a publisher. The developers secured the license for the game on their own, and they're hoping someone will want to get it on shelves once it's finished... in 2010 (!). It looks like an updated version of their own Snoopy vs. The Red Baron, which Namco Bandai published a couple of years ago, and is slated to appear on "the usual consoles" according to their press release.

Since we've yet to see another Crimson Skies title, this might fill the gap until we do. Especially if there's a Lucy vs. Snoopy: No Holds Barred mode.