Sony unveils five new audio accessories: headphones, speakers and remote

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.18.08

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Sony unveils five new audio accessories: headphones, speakers and remote

Rather than just introducing these five items individually, Sony reckoned the world at large may pay more attention if they were unveiled in one fell swoop. To that end, we're left staring at a new pair of noise canceling headphones (MDR-NC7; $50), travel speakers (SRS-M50; $50), a universal remote (RM-VL610; $30), EX Series earbuds (MDR-EX36V; $30) and stereo Bluetooth headphones (DR-BT160AS; $160). While the first two are pretty self-explanatory, color lovers will appreciate the three swappable back plates for the remote, and the water-resistant BT 'phones pack a built-in microphone, rechargeable Li-ion cells and A2DP support. Everything should be available now if you look hard enough, and the full release with all the gory details is waiting just after the break.


SAN DIEGO, Nov. 18, 2008 - Just in time for the holidays, Sony today
is unveiling five new audio accessories that offer versatility,
personalization and freedom from wires. With Bluetooth(R) technology,
compact styles and sleek designs, these accessories are fashionable
and functional.

For travelers, new noise canceling headphones (model MDR-NC7) offer an
upgraded version of Sony's most popular model, and the travel speakers
(model SRS-M50) let you take your music wherever you go.

For the color conscious, a new universal remote control (model
RM-VL610) comes with three swappable back plates in bright or neutral
colors, which will help you personalize your décor down to the last
detail. Meanwhile, the new EX Style earbuds (model MDR-EX36V) are a
custom upgrade in style and sound to any digital music player.

For the fitness fanatic, the new Stereo Bluetooth(R) sports headphones
(model DR-BT160AS), available now, get the wires out of the way so you
can focus on beating your best time.

Peace and Quiet

Travelers, commuters, and anyone who wants to reduce outside ambient
noise without breaking the bank will appreciate Sony's MDR-NC7 noise
canceling headphones. With high audio quality, noise cancellation,
comfort, and a stylish design - these headphones have it all. The new
model is an updated version of the industry leading noise canceling
headphones by Sony (model MDR-NC6), offering improved style and noise
reduction. With improved noise canceling technology, these headphones
reduce approximately 87.4 percent of ambient noise.

The two-way style has ear-cups that swivel flat and a foldable
headband for compact and easy storage. Batteries are located in the
housing (as opposed to the headband) for convenience. The 30mm
driver, closed type design provides dynamic sound. The new MDR-NC7
model includes a carrying pouch and in-flight adapter.

It is available now in both black and white versions for about $50.

Take It with You

Looking for beautifully designed, great-sounding travel speakers?
Sony is introducing the SRS-M50 speakers, which are perfect for anyone
with a digital music player. As a great alternative to using
headphones, these new speakers allow you to share your music. They
are small, lightweight and even clip together for easy portability.

The compact design is perfect for traveling. You can use these
speakers to play music in hotel rooms or on vacation with family and
friends. Even with their small size, the SRS-M50 speakers provide
powerful audio in a sleek design with a built-in battery compartment
for enjoying music any time, any place. Powerful sound reproduction
of the full-range speaker system comes from the bass reflex and
magnetically-shielded 39mm driver unit.

The speakers are available now in black, pink and white versions for about $50.

Looking Good

Sony's universal remote controls (model RM-VL610) bring
personalization to a new level. The bright-colored back plates for
these "home décor friendly" remotes include Crimson Red, Chantilly
Pink and Sky Blue; the neutral plates include Pearl, Champagne and
Kilimanjaro Brown. The remote is designed to be face down when not in
use so you can show off the beautiful finish.

These remotes are not only eye-catching, but also combine up to eight
controllers into one. The multi-function, learning remote handles up
to eight AV compatible components -- TV set, DVD player, satellite
receiver, cable box, VCR, CD player, tape recorder and amplifiers.
With easy operation of on-screen menus for most DVDs and VCRs, as well
as a learning function for programming from other remotes, the
RM-VL610 unit is extremely easy to use. It features a one-touch
system control with 12 macro functions and a comfortable ergonomic

Priced around $30, it is available in retail outlets now.

Out of My Way

The long-awaited wireless addition to the Sony sports headphones
series is finally here. The wireless, behind-the-neck DR-BT160AS
Bluetooth Active Style Headphones are perfect for people who work out,
walk, run or do anything active while listening to music.

Lose the flapping wires during a workout and be able to answer the
phone at the same time. These headphones feature a subtle, built-in
microphone for hands-free conversation via mobile phone, rechargeable
Li-ion batteries and A2DP Bluetooth Stereo protocol for high-quality
music streaming from compatible devices, plus remote control

The ultra secure fit features an adjustable earpiece shaft and is made
specifically with sports in mind. The DR-BT160AS headphones are
water-resistant and designed to distribute the weight behind the ears,
rather than on the back, for a more comfortable feel. They are
available now for approximately $130.

Color Is Personal

Sony's MDR-EX36V EX Style Earbuds feature colorful metallic accents
and an attractive design.

Offering in-line volume control and new hybrid silicone earbuds in
three sizes for better comfort and fit, users of digital music players
can upgrade their earbuds with this great alternative. They provide
high audio quality along with deep bass sound.

Available now in silver, red, blue and pink, the earbuds are priced at
about $30.
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