Diverting information from shields to weapons in newest STO Ask Cryptic

This edition of Ask Cryptic is especially interesting for Star Trek fans wanting to know how combat is going to play out in Cryptic's Star Trek Online. We now know that it will be possible to divert power from one system in the game to another. So a player will be able to drop engines by 40% and boost weapons with that diverted power, allowing them to make a heavier attack.

Related to this is the new knowledge that there won't be a "mana bar" style power system in the game. Players will never have to worry about being able to fire their phasers because their energy is too low, but of course if they divert too much power from said phasers they won't be hitting very hard with them. Another possibility -- although unconfirmed as far as we know -- would be if your phasers were damaged too much from concentrated fire.

Finally, we're happy to hear that Cryptic is certain that a grouping of smaller ships will definitely be able to take down a larger battleship. This means that Star Trek Online's leveling system will not be the norm, another plus for anyone hoping that the game won't be "WoW with starships" or anything of the sort.