White bread wrist rest is non-organic yet ergonomic

Okay, let's say you're big into ergos. You've got your iPosture beeping at you like crazy whenever you slouch, ball-chair toning those core abdominals, and a split adjustable keyboard to make hunting and pecking that much more of an adventure. But what about maintaining the proper mousing angle? Put those fancy silicon pads away and reach for the riboflavin. We've seen a baguette-styled wrist rest before, but if that's a little too fancy for you, Brando has a another option: the plain white sliced bread. Sure, it's probably stuffed with GM wheat and has been bleached so thoroughly there's not a lick of nutrition left, but it might just delay the onset of carpal tunnel by a few years while whisking away any troublesome wrist perspiration. You're just six dollars a slice from this healthy mousing option -- $10 if you want enough to make a wrist sandwich.

[Via Crave]