BigRedKitty: It's hunter-pinata time!

Daniel Howell
D. Howell|12.10.08

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Daniel Howell
December 10, 2008 2:00 PM
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BigRedKitty: It's hunter-pinata time!

"Today, we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Hunter Nerf-Bat Directives. We have created, for the first time in all history, a garden of pure lesser-class-ideology. Where each squishie may bloom secure from the pests of contradictory and confusing truths. Our Unification of DPS-Thought is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on Azeroth. We are one class, with one will, one resolve, one cause. Our enemies shall talk themselves to death and we will bury them with their own confusion."

"We shall prevail!"

We are so totally not slapping on a pair of red short-shorts and tossing a sledgehammer through your screen; everyone knows hunters can't equip maces. /pfft

And now, let's talk about what could be coming to hunters on the next public test realm as if we're not hopped up on Captain Crunch and a triple raspberry latte.

The hunter-forums are ablaze with irate masses, shrieking their throats raw over the proposed class-changes scheduled for the next Public Test Realm deployment. In our very humble opinion, they have every right to be, and it's all Ghostcrawler's fault. But not for the reason you think.


This statement was made by the defendant, coming off the phenomenal experiment that was Overpowered Retribution Paladin on the WotLK beta. Ret pallys were destroying anything and everything in their path. It was a beta; nobody should've cared that adjustments were to be made to DPS and healing. And they wouldn't have, if GC hadn't poked the gorilla.

It's called Diplomacy, and right now, the game masters who post on the forums at Blizzard need a crash-course in it. One would think that from the debacle that was the Rep Pally Smackdown, the developers would've learned their lesson. Nope.

BRK's Exhibit B: "I'm a game designer. I'm not a PR guy, which I think is pretty evident from my posts. :) "

That's one great big tall frosty glass of "DUH", right there. You've got a community of eleven million players, don't you think that you need to have someone with training propped up there to interact with them? WoW is bigger than Portugal (pop. 10.6 million) for cryin' out loud! Do you think the government of Greece (population 11.2 million) goes around and delivers bad news by way of a blog post?

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Occupant of Greece. The government is raising your taxes by 170%. Sorry you're upset, but we're not government officials; we're game designers! Hasta!"

Don't think so, that's not how the pros do it. The time has come for Blizz to knuckle down and realize that the language they use to communicate to each other with internal projects is not the same in which they should educate their customers as to future plans. And if you know you're not trained to do the task, either get some education or hire someone who has the skills already.

Notice that we're not upset with the message yet, arguing that hunters aren't over-powered? We'll get there, hold on. But first, if we're going to point out a problem, it is proper etiquette to attempt to solve it, too.

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