KAR robot arm does the dishes, sort of

Ok, so it may not be quite as ambitious as some all-purpose cleaning robots, but this so-called KAR robot arm developed by a group of researchers from Panasonic and the University of Tokyo does appear to at least do the sole task it was designed for relatively well. While it can't exactly "wash" the dishes, per se, it can apparently pick up even delicate dishes without damaging them, dip them in the water, load them into a dishwasher, and even turn on said dishwasher. The researchers apparently aren't satisfied with things just yet, however, and they say they eventually hope that robot will be able to clean up after a family of four in just five minutes. Head on past the break for a video, and hit up the link below for another silent (and, hence, more unnerving) one.

[Via Japan Probe]