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Security researchers warn of dangers in online games

Michael Zenke

Always on the lookout for new opportunities, criminal elements have been interested in MMO players for some time now. A great 'in' to credit card records and personal information, player accounts are also ripe with virtual goods that can be easily liquidated into in-game currency and then resold for real funds. A warning last year about hackers interested in World of Warcraft accounts has been mirrored in recent weeks by researchers cautioning players of Korean and Japanese titles.

Security software groups Ahnlab and Symantec have both seen increased reports of criminal hackers working to gain access to eastern MMOs in recent months.

For more on this subject, the site SecurityFocus has up a recent interview with the writers of the book Exploiting Online Games, discussing the reality of security research as it pertains to Massive titles. The authors indicate that MMO development houses are still a ways off from fully appreciating the dangers of lax security measures managing these systems.

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