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Sprint: LG Rumor wasn't pulled, it's just selling well

Chris Ziegler

Phone Scoop is now reporting that the entry level Rumor QWERTY device -- a phone we've heard from our own commenters to be suffering from some data erasure issues -- wasn't pulled from the line of duty as reported earlier; rather, it has just become a victim of its own success. Sprint says that low inventory levels are keeping Rumors out of retailers' hands, but the carrier is working to kick up production a notch or two and get phones back into the system. Oh, and those issues we've heard about? Sprint claims they only hit a limited number of customers and there's already a fix available. All this probably doesn't offer much consolation to folks who desperately want a Rumor this very second, but keep an eye on your local stores and let us know in comments if you hear or see anything interesting, k?

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