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A tale of two (riding) videos


These two videos couldn't be more different, and yet, they both involve dudes riding things on hills. Line Rider just has considerably less dust than Nitrobike. There's recent footage on both, and we can't decide which is more interesting without turning the Wii Fanboy offices into a live action practice session for Smash Bros. Brawl, so we'll let you be the judge.

This Line Rider footage looks pretty much like every other thing we've seen from Line Rider. The difference? Everyone is labeling it Wii video -- the first Wii video on the game, in fact. Is it? Who knows! Line Rider is Line Rider, and in this case, that means it's extraordinarily charming (so long as you have the sound off) and looks like a lot of fun. As a full-priced Wii game? We'd have to say no, considering the Flash version, but at a budget price or as a Wii Ware title, we'd certainly consider it.

As for Nitrobike, the first word that comes to mind here is dust. That is some serious realism right there -- to the point that we can't even see the track at times. Is it wrong that this gets the ol' blood pumping? It does look like fun, if a completely different kind of fun than that of the riding in Line Rider.

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