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Atlantic Technology showing off THX in-wall speakers

Steven Kim

Along with the rise in custom home theater installations, in-wall speaker performance has come a long way in the past years. At CES, Atlantic Technology will be showing off its latest entry to the field, the IWCB-727. The name comes from "in wall, closed-box," a sure sign that these speakers are designed for higher performance than open-backed wall mounted speakers (as confirmed by their THX qualification). The company has put their Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT) in, which allows them to extend the tweeter crossover well into the midrange, to help smooth out the response -- a good thing for a speaker that's on a wall-sized baffle. And to make sure the sound is "just so," additional tech has been tossed in as well. Directional Vector Control electronically "steers" the tweeter into the room, and Boundary compensation takes care of midrange coloration caused by an adjacent wall or ceiling. Available Q2 2008 at $1200 each.

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