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Cobra announces NAV ONE 5000 GPS unit


While it's not specially-designed for truckers like some of the company's other GPS units, Cobra's
just-announced NAVO ONE 5000 device certainly looks like it'll get the job done for the average driver quite nicely, even if it may not exactly stand out from the pack. This one's biggest selling point, it seems, is its "ground-breaking" OptiView ultra-bright, five-inch touch screen, which the company claims is easy to view even in "extreme lighting conditions." Otherwise, you'll get Cobra's usual speed and red light camera location alerts, a "My Favorite Brands" feature that'll let you know when your nearing one of over 800 well-known restaurant and retail chains, text-to-speech functionality, optional real-time traffic data, and built-in Bluetooth for handsfree calling, among other standard features. If that works for ya, you'll be able to get your hands one of these for $510, with a 15-month traffic service subscription setting you back another $160.

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