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Engadget HD Podcast 064 - 1.04.2008

Trent Wolbe
Two weeks in a row of a break from format war news, hooray! Expect changes on that front as we head into CES in a few days, though. We kick off things by stirring up the fanboy pot -- why the PS3's lack of audio output options moves it off the list of "best Blu-ray" player. Staying with Blu-ray, we touch on Blu-ray PC developments, software and hardware. It looks like HDM is really taking off -- the first bit of evidence is the appearance of year-end "best HD discs" reviews. But the more encouraging sign is that Amazon sales of HD players and media did really well this holiday season. We skim over the Netflix/LG deal and CableCARD 2.0 Tru2Way developments. Finally we close up with talk about broadcast developments -- converter coupons and how they fit with your needs. Talk to you soon from CES!

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Steve Kim

Trent Wolbe

14:48 - Why the PS3 isn't the best Blu-ray player
21:01 - CyberLink's PowerDVD gets BDA Profile 1.1 certified
26:01 - Panasonic whittles thinnest Blu-ray drive for laptops down to 9.5mm
28:22 - The best and worst High-Def discs of 2007
33:18 - Amazon sells heaps of HD movie players this holiday season
34:39 - Shocker: Amazon's Blu-ray BOGO boosts BD rankings
40:34 - Netflix developing movie set-top-box with LG
44:16 - CableCARD 2.0's identity crisis
45:30 - Did you apply for your TV converter box coupons yet?
46:51 - HD STBs are not eligible for $40 DTV vouchers


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