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Ragnarok developer waking up to a Bloodymare

Michael Zenke

Gravity Interactive is the developer for the game Ragnarok Online, an extremely popular South Korean title. Gravity has announced that they've been working hard on another title for almost four years now, and it's nothing like the stylized cuteness of Ragnarok. Requiem: Bloodymare is the name of the new game, and it sounds about as different from Ragnarok as night is from day.

The game will make use of the high-tech Havok engine to portray a violent dystopian future. PCs will take the part of creatures forged via magic and technology to kill demons and undead creatures loosed by years of experimentation.

The article at Worlds in Motion includes commentary from Gravity's CEO Peter Kang about the company's goals, and their deliberate decision to move away from their past work. At the moment there's no expected release date, but one would expect to hear something soon; four years is a pretty good amount of game development time.

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