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Simple fix brings back the blood in XBLA Metal Slug 3

Kyle Orland

Come back with us, if you will. Back to the middle ages of video gaming. Back to the early '90s. Mortal Kombat was a huge, bloody (and we do mean bloody) hit in the arcades. Unfortunately, console makers were concerned with how such a gory game would be received in family living rooms. Thus, the game's signature red blood was replaced with white "sweat" for the console versions.

Luckily we don't live in such dark times anymore, right? Not so. The Xbox Live Arcade version of Metal Slug 3 similarly has been toned down to include white "sweat" instead of red blood. This is especially odd considering the Metal Slug 3 port for the supposedly family-friendly Wii included what one reviewer called "arterial blood spraying everywhere."

Luckily (for real this time), there's a way around this bit of historical revisionism that's as simple as the Genesis Mortal Kombat's famous "blood code." As Insert Credit points out, simply setting your Xbox language to Japanese brings back the original Neo Geo classic in all its gory glory. Apparently, someone at Microsoft thinks the Japanese have a higher tolerance for this stuff. Either that, or they think Japanese gamers are just more picky about historical accuracy in their re-releases. Which is probably true, but still ...

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